HD PRO Series - HD Pro 40

HD PRO Series
The HD Pro covers HD Up-/Down-/Cross- and Framerate- Conversion, aspect ratio conversion and color correction/legalizing.
The units of the HD PRO Series are equipped with SDI in- and outputs. Analog SD in- and outputs are available as option.

HD Pro 40
HD Up-/Down-/Cross-/Framerate- Converter
HD PRO 40 combines the framerate conversion feature of the HD PRO 20 with the flexibility of HD PRO 10.

It features any common HD and SD standard, converts between any standards, processes embedded audio and timecode with delay correction and can be optioned up with SD analog inputs and outputs and audio mux/demux. 

Up-, Down-, Cross- and Framerate conversion between common HD- and SD-signals
The unit accepts nearly any common HD or SD-format and converts it to nearly any format including framerate conversion.

Frame Synchronization & Timebase Correction
A full frame TBC feature is included with adjustable and flexible system timing using the analog genlock reference inputs.

Aspect Ratio Conversion
Converts aspect ratios with freely definable factors, zoom and pan/scan settings. Predefined Presets are available for conversion from/to 4:3, 16:9 and 14:9.WSS, VideoID, Video Indexing and AFD are supported.

Video In-/Outputs
The unit provides two HD/SD SDI inputs and two HD/SD SDI outputs.
With option /AV, standard definition analog in- and outputs are added that support CVBS, Y/C and component

Video Noise Reduction

Powerful video noise reduction eliminates random video noise in luminance and chrominance components.

Detail Enhancement
Enhancement (aperture correction) allows crisp clear pictures.

Color Correction
The unit features an RGB color corrector.
Black level, white level and gamma can be controlled independently.

The unit features an RGB legalizer.
Upper and lower limits can be controlled independently for each RGB color channel.

Gain, Amplitude and Color Control
The system includes a Proc Amp that gives full control of video gain, black level, hue (NTSC) and Y/C timing.

VBI and Test pattern generator
The unit features a test pattern generator and a configurable VBI-area.
Test line insertion for online measurement of signal quality is supported.