HD 1200 True HD camera system

About HD 1200

The HD 1200 is one of the smallest „true“ HD remote camera systems for sports, shows, concerts and many other imaging applications. It provides impressive performance and robust features in a small housing, offering unbelievable possibilities for spectacular views.

The 2/3 inch, 2.1 Megapixel High End CMOS Sensor safeguards specta- cular video quality in progressive resolution up to 1080p/60 fps.Dual- and single-link HDSDI, analog progressive RGB or interlaced Com- ponent, down-converted SDI, Composite and HDMI are directly and simultaneously provided by the compact Camera Control Unit, which also provides RAW Data in 12 to 10bit compressed HDSDI WeissCam format at the same time.

Excellent FPN correction is guaranteed through DDS (Digital Double Sampling up to 30fps) and digital CDS for 50/60 fps. LMPs professional Remote Control Panel offers full studio control over long distances. The HDSDI Sync input ensures accurate timing and in cooperation with the internal multiplexer, full 3D control is available including fast switch and desolve.


1080i@50/59,94 - 1080p/720p@23,98/24/25/29,96/30/59,94/60 - 625i/525i 50/60

brand new 2/3“ CMOS Thomson Xensium Sensor
enhanced realtime de-Bayering
dynamic range up to 60 dB
RAW Data @ 12bit/10bit HDSDI WeissCam Format
single coax camera cable
3D support with internal multiplexer
remote lens control

Output Signals          HDSDI interlaced (2x BNC),
                                      HDSDI Dual Link progressive,
                                      analog RGB/HV progressive or Y/B-Y/R-Y interlaced,

                                      HDSDI RAW Data in in 12/10 bit WeissCam format
                                      HDMI (1x Mini-HDMI)
HDMI Out                   camera picture in output format
                                      or multiplexed line-by-line in 3D mode
Analog HD Out         RGB/HV progressive or YUV interlaced

Features and Controls
Image Sensor                                           Thomson Xensium Color 2/3“C-MOS,                                            2,1 Mega-Pixel, 2048x1148 total pixel
Resolution                                                1968 x 1108 active pixel
Formats                                                     16 : 9  /  4 : 3
Readout                                                     progressive scan 1920 x 1080, @ 60 frames/s
Image direction                                       horizontal/vertical flip without latency
Dynamic range                                         linear mode: 60 dB
                                                                    high dynamic mode: up to 120 dB
Sensitivity                                                  F 11/2000 lx at nominal gain
S/N Ratio                                                   56 dB (Y) at 0dB gain
Gain Control                                             0dB, +3dB, +6dB, +12dB
Cable length                                             up to 40m with coax Cable
                                                                    (4mm Belden 1865A)
data format                                                LMP Multiplex containing Power 12V DC
between Head & CCU                            2,7Gbit Sensor Data
                                                                     bi-directional RS232
Genlock                                                      analog Tri-level HDSDI with 3D function
White Balance                                           automatic or manual YRGB
                                                                     preset 3200°/5600°/7200°
Gamma                                                       manual Y-R-G-B
Black Balance                                             manual Y-R-G-B
Saturation                                                  0 to 120 % nominal 75%
Gain                                                             0dB(default), +3dB, +6dB, +12dB
Color Matrix                                              4 presets /2 user defined
Detail                                                          separate horizontal and vertical detail
Shutter                                                       5 steps up to 1/1000
                                                                    auto shutter with adjustable exposure
Test signals                                               8 HD test patterns
SD Format                                                 according HD framerate
Analog Genlock Range                           Tri-level sync
                                                                    +/- 2 lines in steps of 1 pixel
Digital Genlock                                        HDSDI fixed pixel by pixel
Iris control                                                speed and direction
Focus control                                           speed and direction
Serial control                                           duplex / simplex RS 485duplex /
                                                                    simplex RS 232USB 2.0 TTL 1 MBaud
Remote Control                                       Hardware Remote PanelWindows based GUI
Lens Control                                             direct drive by serial control
System calibration                                   automatic black/shading/ FPN correction
3D Controls                                               Mix-/multiplexing between camera
                                                                    and HDSDI genlock,
Presets                                                       4 direct presets of main controls

motorized lens control, Remote Control Panel and motorized/manual 3D rigs..