Artisan Digital Console
The Artisan's traditional styling and low-profile design make it a perfect fit for radio performance studios. Its similarity to the Logitek Mosaic makes for easy operator transitions.

Full-featured,& Affordable

An advanced control surface with features designed for television and multichannel operations, Artisan consoles are configured from a series of modules that give you the precise number of faders and controls for your needs. Fader modules, monitor modules, master and effects modules each contain versatile controls along with full color
LCD screen.

Finally, an audio console system that doesn't sacrifice features for value.

Artisan Overview:
The Artisan console is a flexible, modular control surface for the Logitek Digital Audio Engine, a TDM router. The Artisan's traditional styling and sleek low-profile design make it a perfect fit for small to medium market TV broadcasters as well as radio production and small performance group applications. Multiple frame sizes are available to accomodate anywhere from 2 to 32 faders along with two master mixes, eight stereo sub mixes, four stereo aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. All channels can be 5.1, mono, or stereo.

Artisan capabilities include EQ and dynamics control on every fader, sub-frame delay and blend controls at every fader, direct access to master and submix busses from every fader, a "capture and recall" feature for storing and recalling console presets, easy selection of mix-minus outputs and talkback destinations, and more. Artisan also features talk back and IFB capability at every fader. Because the Artisan is router-based, you have complete flexibility in assignment of inputs to faders/outputs. Analog inputs can be routed to digital outputs and vice versa. In addition, Logitek's Supervisor software enables scripting and macro functions for one-button event triggers.

Available modules for the Artisan include Fader, Monitor, Master, Softkey, and Effects. Two sizes of meter bridges are also available, along with Logitek's vScreen software application, which allows you to "build" full-screen meter banks as well as router controls. Pop-up EQ and Dynamics screens are also available that display console information on a VGA screen in the room. As knobs on the Effects module are used to select parameters, the pop-up screen displays EQ and Dynamics settings in a large, easy-to-read format.

Another useful option is vSnapshot, a scene "capture and recall" feature that provides a pop-up GUI on your VGA screen. 50 scene captures are available per control surface, with data saved in user-editable text files. (Capture and recall features are also available on the Artisan control surface without the need for vSnapshot.)

A separate rack mount redundant power supply can be located out of the way to keep the furniture top clear and ensures that the Artisan itself will keep cool and operate dependably. All parts in the surface are isolated from the AC mains power for safety as well. The power supply includes 25 GPI in and 25 GPI out connections for external device interfacing.

Artisan Modules:
Master Module

The Master Module includes Aux bus gain controls, selection of pre and post input channel fader levels, assignment of Aux busses to PFL/solo bus; talkback controls to Aux bus outputs; master bus gain controls; a frequency tone generator; Master and Sub-Master bus assignments to the Effects module; talkbacks to Sub-Master outputs; eight Penny & Giles faders for control of the eight Sub-Master mix busses; and two full color LCD screens that display information on source assignments.

Fader Module
The Artisan Fader Module features two Penny & Giles faders and illuminated On/Off-Start/Stop buttons for each fader. Color of the button lighting can be changed by the user. Controls are provided for four Aux mix busses, selection of Master mix, and selection of Sub mix busses. The color LCD display provides control screens for these functions along with input level metering, effects information and a 16 character input source name.

Monitor Control Module
This module includes headphone and monitor speaker gain controls as well as input/gain controls for guest headphones or an auxiliary studio's monitor; two 5-button input selectors; headphone mix controls; monitor dim and mute switches; full color LCD screen which shows input source information; cue and talkback gain controls and input selection controls. Also included is a "Last" button which will restore the last source selection or will toggle between two sources.

Wide-Softkey Module
The Wide-Softkey Module occupies two slot positions in the Artisan frame and provides a total of 36 programmable, illuminated buttons. Fifteen of the buttons are lighted red and 21 are yellow. The lighting can be set to any of 16 brightness levels and a variety of functions can be assigned to the buttons by Logitek Command Builder triggers or Audio Engine Command Library routines. The module also provides timer controls. The two color LCD screens provide information on router, meter, clock, timer and profanity delay functions as well as user text set by system programming.
A single slot-width Narrow-Softkey Module is also available. It provides a total of 18 programmable and illuminated pushbuttons. Twelve buttons feature red lighting and six are yellow. Each of the button illuminations can be varied to one of 16 different brightness levels. A wide variety of functions can be assigned to the buttons and the lighting through Logitek Command Builder triggers or Audio Engine Command Library routines.

Effects Module
This module provides controls for a four band equalizer, including high shelf, low shelf and two parametric sections with coarse and fine adjustment levels; a five-function dynamics processor with coarse and fine adjustment levels; and a full-color LCD screen which displays the current value for each parameter. The module is dynamically reassigned to whichever Fader module is being adjusted.

Meter bridege

Wide Meter Bridge
The Mosaic Wide Meter Bridge includes a 40 segment tri-color LED bargraph stereo meter providing simultaneous VU and peak indications. A 16 character LED display also shows the current meter audio source. Six full color LCD screens provide a wide variety of user programmed text and graphics (using Logitek Command Builder triggers) as well as system functions. System displays include clock, up/down timer, auxiliary bus meters, and talk delay operation parameters.

Narrow Meter Bridge

The Mosaic Narrow Meter Bridge features a 40 segment tri-color LED bargraph stereo meter providing simultaneous VU and peak indications. A 16 character LED display also shows the current meter audio source. Also included are two LCD color screens that can be user programmed for a number of different functions. These include auxiliary bus meters, clock, up/down timer, and integrated talk delay operation parameters. User programmed text and graphics can also be displayed on the screens.

vScreen Virtual Software
For even greater flexibility and visibility of information, Logitek's vScreen virtual metering software can be added to bring multiple meters, router controls, timers and other graphics to any size PC screen. vScreen is user configurable with convenient drag-and-drop GUI for easy setup.