Pilot Digital Console
Our most economical console, the Pilot provides quick access to the most essential features.

Low cast , Easy Operation

Enjoy the flexibility of a router-based audio console system with the look, feel and easy handling that novice operators will understand and experienced operators will appreciate.

Pilot Overview:
Available in multiples of six faders (from 6 to 18), the Pilot offers full access to the sources available on a JetStream or Audio Engine router along with simple bus selection and intuitive monitor controls.

The Pilot, combined with the JetStream Mini, provides a cost-effective way for your facility to implement IP audio routing and mixing.

   • User-friendly with a short operator learning curve
   • Available in 6 fader increments up to 18 faders
   • Network-based with any source in the facility accessible from any fader
   • CUE switch over every fader with built-in cue speaker
   • Room for 16 character source  names on bright ,  wide angle displays ; Unicode characters are supported
   • Change button over every channel and central SELECT knob for easy access to new sources
   • 12 user configurable soft keys
   • Quick Route button for selection of  program , auxiliary and two user defined sources for monitoring
   • 24 mix-minus busses (via the JetStream console engine)
   • Flexible metering through optional meter bridge and/or VGA display
   • Simple tabletop mounting
   • Front panel headphone jack for convenient monitoring
   • Efficient 20 Watt power consumption

Pilot Module :
Fader Module
The Pilot Fader Modules are available in multiples of six faders (from 6 to 18). User-definable 16-character source labels on bright, wide angle displays. Character display supports Unicode characters including Chinese and Kanji. Pilot uses efficient LED lighting, meaning there are no light bulbs to change. Program plus 3 AUX sends per fader. There is a CUE button and CHANGE button over every fader with a built-in cue speaker.

Monitor Control Module
Pilot offers a central SELECT knob for easy access to new sources. Pilot has 12 configurable softkeys that may be assigned as quick route buttons. In addition, Pilot has easily select program or Aux busses for monitoring.

Pilot Meter Bridge:
Pilot's Optional Meter Bridge
The Pilot's optional meter bridge gives you great visibility of your levels with two LED bargraph meters and two tally LEDs in a thin 8x2x3/8 inch package.

   • Two tri-color, stereo LED bargraph meters. Use one for confidence metering of on-air program, and the other for metering current source or any other audio in the system. Pilot's softkeys can be programmed to meter any audio input or mix.
    •  Two tally LEDs. Use one to indicate the studio is on-air and the other to indicate the mic is on, or to indicate the program is live in the next studio (ideal for multi-studio operation).

vScreen Virtual Software
For even greater flexibility and visibility of information, Logitek's vScreen virtual metering software can be added to bring multiple meters, router controls, timers and other graphics to any size PC screen. vScreen is user configurable with convenient drag-and-drop GUI for easy setup.

   •  The Fader Module provides the following features:
   •  LED-illuminated on/off and control start/stop buttons
   •  Bourns 100 mm long throw faders
   •  Dedicated controls for four bus assigns
   •  Yellow OLED display capable of displaying 16 character source names
   •  Available in standard (International) or U.K. configurations
   •  The Monitor Module provides the following features:
   •  Contains controls for main monitor , cue speaker , operator headphone , studio  monitor and guest headphone
   •  Studio, Monitor, and Operator Headphones each have 4 input select hotkey buttons
   •  12 programmable softkeys
   •  Multifunction select knob for input selection, EQ, mode, pan and dynamics adjustment
   •  Yellow OLED screen displays 16-character source names
   •  Available in standard (International) or U.K. configurations

Pilot-6 Frame
indentHouses 1x PLT-FADER & 1x PLT-MON
indent11.45” W x 15.4” D x 2.6” H (290mm x 391mm x 66mm)

Pilot-12 Frame
indentHouses 2x PLT-FADER & 1x PLT-MON
indent18.95” W x 15.4” D x 2.6” H (481mm x 391mm x 66mm)

Pilot-18 Frame
indentHouses 3x PLT-FADER & 1x PLT-MON
indent26.45” W x 15.4” D x 2.6” H (672mm x 391mm x 66mm)

Pilot Modules
indentFader Module
indentNo of faders:    6Meter Bridge

LED Meter Bridge
Dimensions     13” W x 3.8” H x 2.6” D (330 mm x 97 mm x 66 mm)

The Narrow Meter Bridge provides the following features:
Two 27-LED stereo bar graph meters simultaneously showing peak and VU levels
One meter always shows program, one meter is switchable
LED indicator for studio and microphone tally

Power Supply
Voltage           110 - 230 VAC, automatically selected
Frequency       47 - 63 Hz
Consumption   40 W maximum