JetStream Plus High-Density AoIP Networking

jetstream plus

The JetStream Plus brings Logitek’s Dense Node Architecture to the forefront with 240 channels that can manage audio networking while minimizing Ethernet complexity. Fifteen card slots are provided for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps. A drop-down front panel makes it easy to access cards, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance.

Up to four Logitek consoles (a total of 36 faders) may be operated via a single JetStream Plus. The unit also handles routing, mix-minus generation, profanity delay, audio processing and other essential audio functions. A touch screen on the front panel provides easy access to meters, controls and status functions.

  • Ultra-high-density I/O in only four rack units
  • Supports the latest IP and Ethernet protocols
  • 12 GPI inputs and 12 GPI outputs (on 2 DB-25 connectors)
  • 24 mix-minus busses
  • Embedded microprocessor for operation of system and Logitek virtual applications
  • Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems via JetNet network conduit instead of sound cards
  • Interfaces to popular TV program automation control systems
  • Smooth digital mixing, one-button triggers, multiple busses