HD Multi-X 3D - HD stereoscopic multiplexer

The HD Multi-X 3D is a universal 3D video processor used for stereoscopic 3D production and broadcast applications. It enables live 3D monitoring as well as recording of any 3D signal via a single DVI- and/or HDSDI signal in various configurations.

In reverse mode, recorded stereoscopic formats are processed for monitoring to DVI and dual HDSDI streams. The most common 3D formats are supported, even anaglyph and sequential frame at 3Gbit/s. For mirror riggs, horizontal- and vertical flip are provided.

Technical Specifications
Input format                2 x HDSDI SMPTE 292M or 1x HDSDI SMPTE 424M
Dimensions                  140 x 120 x 30 mm
Weight                          420 g
Power                            nom. 12V DC 12 watt
Power connector        Binder 710 3 pol
Input Camera mode   2x HDSDI 1,485 Gbit/s SMPTE 292 or 1x 2,97 Gbit/s SMPTE 424
Input Recorder mode
HDSDI multiplex signal     sidebyside
HDSDI dual stream or single stream 3G     sequential frame

tech spec.
Dimensions                140 x 120 x 30mm
Weight                        420g
Power                          nom. 12V DC 12 VA
Power connector      Binder 710 3pin M
Remote connector contains
       Binder 710 8pin F
       remote RS232
       remote TTL/USB
       frame index 25Hz TTL

Remote GUI  Windows 98 - 7
            connected via RS232: COM-port / 9600 Baud
          connected via TTL/USB: COM-port / 1.000.000 Baud