R CP 5000 - Remote Control Panel


Ideal control solution for smaller systems or for local control islands in machine rooms, OB trucks or any location where a PC is not convenient. Simple intuitive control surface allows for any four modules to be "hot keyed" to the four multicolor pushbuttons for fast selection. (Can be changed at any time) and the button color mimics alarm condition of module. All parameters are accessible and adjustable using the rotary digi pots and all settings are automatically stored in module flash ram. Any module alarm condition is displayed as a alphanumeric message on panel. Supports both RS 232 connectivity and LAN connectivity.

Panel requires a RCT 5020 or RCT 5030 host controller is fitted to the system.

  • Compact 1 RU design
  • Integral 2 line 40 character display
  • Rotary controls for adjustments and selections
  • Multicolor alphanumeric pushbuttons for module selection
  • RS 232 or LAN Connectivity
  • Compatible with Series 3000 and Series 5000 Products

Ordering Information


R CP 5000 - Remote Control Panel

Includes: Control Panel and User Manual

Note: Power supply not included



RCP 5016 - Expansion Panel

Power Supply: R PS 3001 E/U, R PS 3001-3